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WinEcos,As a digital service provider specializing in innovative technology solutions for artificial intelligence, we combine AI and digital to help sustain the growth of corporate brands and businesses.

Our Services

Digital transformation of traditional enterprises, artificial intelligence service solutions for startups, IT operations and maintenance and cloud services.

Professional service teams

Relying on the WinEcos team, years of product and technology experience, and good cooperation with technology leaders in the industry, WinEcos' technical service team can meet the specific business customization needs of enterprises.

Innovative technology exploration

Maintaining relationships with leading AI technology companies, such as Microsoft, Amazon and Baidu, is key to WinEcos' ability to keep its innovative technology services growing and to earn the trust of its customers.


Provide technology sector solutions and enterprise digitalization services to help businesses grow faster.
Technological innovation of enterprises sailing 2020.

IT infrastructure services

To provide small and medium-sized enterprises with Windows/Linux server 7x24 operation and maintenance, troubleshooting, system/network technical support, installation, configuration, maintenance and optimization of various applications under Windows/Linux system.

Digital Marketing

In order to explore new markets and new consumers in the most effective and cost-efficient way, through digital multimedia channels such as artificial intelligence phone, email, web platform and other digital media channels, we can realize precise marketing activities and quantifiable marketing effects.

Web application development

Provide innovative web-based application development services with a technology stack covering: Node.js, HTML5 Adaptive, VUE, JavaScript, RN, TypeScript and other frameworks and front-end modern languages.

Mobile Development

Unlike traditional mobile technology implementations, WinEcos uses Google Flutter and Microsoft's mobile platform: Xamarin technology framework to develop iOS and Android products, delivering products for both popular platforms with a single investment, saving expensive R&D costs.


WinEcos cooperates with senior design teams in the industry to provide pertinent design guidance and services for enterprises in the field of product design, with design team members from famous enterprises such as Ali, Tencent and Huazhu.

Artificial Intelligence Service Solution

Focusing on the technological innovation of deep learning, cognitive services and machine learning, we provide you with AI technology solutions based on computer vision, facial expressions, bot, supervisory, etc., which closely fit your business needs.


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Azure Subscription Directory Removal Practice

As a provider of Microsoft cloud services Azure, I believe that many customers will encounter a subscription service directory can not be deleted, this article will provide you with specific instructions to quickly remove the useless subscription directory...


DevOps Blog

The solution of technical problems needs precipitation, WinEcos development and operation and maintenance official blog release, accumulated many years of product development and operation and maintenance experience, share the details of implementation, to help customers less detours, less potholes....

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Over the past 2 years, thanks to the recognition of our customers, we will continue to help them achieve outstanding results.


We build products and projects for traditional companies and startups, with a focus on quality and passion.


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